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2014-01-14 15:18:39 by Pa4oo

Hey its been awhile since i made a news post exactly 11 days 

Im still working on that madness user pic there are exactly 34 people there or 35 i dont know its always new every time i count them

finding madness users is actually surprisingly difficult xD

but in the meantime i made this cuz i was bored


well i said all i could think of so anything new with you guys?

also it would really help me if you suggest some users for me to add in the pic its still pretty empty...and yeah that is all see ya ^^


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2014-01-14 15:33:56

I of course know that it will be incredible! ^w^
Good luck mah bro!

Pa4oo responds:

hey thanks man i really hope you all will like it when i finish it ^^


2014-01-14 17:28:10

Good news! New stuff? Yeah, just published the BBS Awards quiz, three weeks in the making... I mean waiting. :) Cheers!

Pa4oo responds:

Oh that's some awesome news ill be sure to check it out and yeah cheers man


2014-01-15 00:14:41

I like how his first reaction 'why?' instead of 'ow' xD Well you name it. Still writin' that script. It's on Google Drive so I can write it anywhere :3 Whatya about you? Still got motivation for that gigantic picture? :o
I know you need: GabrielBarsch, Delamortes (paradig version and normal), Cheshyre maybe? He's the creator of MC music, Littleluckylink and so many more... xD

Pa4oo responds:

Oh nice yeah I still got motivation thanks for the suggestions


2014-01-15 00:17:30

Hey dude. You were also unscouted. Got you another invite :3

Pa4oo responds:

Wait what damn lots of stuff happend over night thanks man im glad you got my back xD


2014-01-15 06:46:38


Pa4oo responds:

I prefer zubat :3


2014-01-16 09:31:20

Pa4oo responds:

oh sweet engineer


2014-01-16 19:36:18

I will rip off your goggles.

(Updated ) Pa4oo responds:

Take your best shot.
I'll give it back to you a thousand full!!!!