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oh wow great job man this was freaking sweet i love it when things dont go acording to plan for the main character and that flashback part...epic im glad everything worked out in the end and you finished this motivation can be a pain sometimes but in the end its wort it right? Haha anyway again great job man and happy (kinda late on my side) madness day ^^

Gibb50 responds:

Lateness doesn't apply on kind review, thank you!
Yeah, I'm glad people could see that Jack was like "aw damnit wtf?! NOT THEM!"

Hehe just when you think you have seen it all you impress us eveytime huh but daaaamn the amount of work you put into this is really something man seriously the story the animation everything you did was just "wow" and now im freaking excited to see the next part which knowing you is probably gonna be even better man i still remember when you were starting out even then i knew that you would eventually become something big *cries in spanish* anyway good job man and enjoy that well deserved break

Im really happy that I managed to be a part of this its really something amazing good job everyone and oh my god that ending killed me

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Well this is indeed one hard game
some people think this is a joke but nope its a real game and an awesome one as well
i got to the dagger bitch and it was really hard but then i just gave up xD

its a pretty ok game but the music is well kinda sad and that timer got pretty annoying at times well at least what you said is true you need to have good reflexes and a lot of patience i dont think i will be able to finish this game completely xD

wow man this is amazing it must have been alot of work there are so many choices i love it ^^

1999Elias responds:

Thanks, and yea, I spent almost all of my time everyday on this, and it's still not finished :P
PS: You're in the game ;D

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tears have been shed awesome work

tailsbuddy responds:

Thankies to you too~ ^^

wow that sounded awesome :O

tailsbuddy responds:

Why thank you,kind sire ^^

Freaking awesome man I love it you make pretty nice songs

NeoAlchemist247 responds:

Well thanks, dude. I really appreciate it. I try. Believe me. XD

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oh man that picture in his wallet ugh...

nah you both look just right

omg that author comment also she looks sweet very clean i love the design

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