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2014-01-26 11:18:07 by Pa4oo

Hello everyone i decided to make this post mainly because my older one does not make any sense right now since i have 72 fans which i thank all of you from the bottom of my yeah ask me stuff if you want i will be sure to answer them


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2014-01-26 11:32:31

Are you picking your nose right now?

Pa4oo responds:

I was going to but then i read your comment O.O


2014-01-26 11:34:26

If you could do anything, but were restricted to do only some things, could you really do anything?

Pa4oo responds:

no...actually...wait...WTF xD


2014-01-26 11:39:19

If the meaning of life is NOT 42, what is it?

Pa4oo responds:

the answer is obvious...69 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


2014-01-26 12:22:14

Here goes 2:
1. Are you Bored? :3
2. What's your favorite anime?

Pa4oo responds:

2.Dammit this is a hard one mmmmh One Piece or Attack on Titan


2014-01-26 13:18:39

1) do you have macromedia flash 8?
2) do you happy?
3) what is your youtube?
4) where are you from?
5) do you have steam account?

Pa4oo responds:

1)Yes I do im not using it but I have it
2)yes im happy
5)Yes,yes I do


2014-01-26 14:55:09

What's up! :3

(Updated ) Pa4oo responds:

meh nothing,boring stuff


2014-01-26 18:56:28

Do you ever get the feeling your being watch? I3

Pa4oo responds:

sometimes when i'm trying to sleep


2014-01-29 13:39:38

Have you ever accidentaly deleted one of your arts.

Pa4oo responds:

accidentally no,on purpose yes


2014-01-30 15:43:39

what is your favorite game?

Pa4oo responds:

that is a question too hard for me to answer


2014-02-01 12:00:33

1. How many F***s do you give on a daily basis?
2. Whats your best pick up line?
3. Why are we here?

Pa4oo responds:

2.I want to dissect you.
2.To serve others


2014-02-02 07:29:03

Can you make picture of my char

Pa4oo responds:

maybe *sniff* maybe...