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Haven't Forgotten Yet

2016-07-07 12:55:50 by Pa4oo

Hey guys, I have not forgotten about that group pic im just taking my sweet time with it and wow let me tell you I haven't drawn so many characters in a loooong time jesus christ. Chances are you are already there but if you want to make sure you can just ask you know. It's comeplete-ish or 60% I dunno.

And like I said last time if you want to join feel free to hit me up I dont know every single person with a madness character on this site after all :D (i wish)

Anyway stay awesome guys and I hope you like it in the end


PS: I made this thing here just for the lolz


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2016-07-07 14:22:40

These memes are very powerful, indeed. As long as you can release it on Madness Day, I guess everything's fine.


2016-08-01 02:32:39

where am i??? -_- lol?

(Updated ) Pa4oo responds:

Well i still havent showed you the actual drawing and I would gladly add you to the drawing if you asked and showed me your madness character. But have you asked? No? lol


2016-08-08 01:46:54

ok here ya go...can i be in the drawing to? yes? lol

Pa4oo responds:

Nah.......jk yes you can but show me how your madness character looks like :D


2016-08-09 02:00:14

does it has to be based of the OC's your holding? or Totally different? mine is chibi sonic and tailsbuddy made it for me ^U^.


2016-09-21 17:59:56

Just seen your new upload. I am surprised I still get added to stuff even though I screwed up years ago.

Pa4oo responds:

hey i suck and people draw me sometimes soo...


2016-09-22 12:30:38

Yeah, I guess.


2016-09-27 14:37:54

loved your animation on the collab
i think it was the best one

good jab
and thank for the awesome animation

Pa4oo responds:

aaa you are too kind to me but thank you very much man ^^


2016-10-05 02:47:46

Your new artwork is very good man keep up the good work also your part in the collab was amazing

Pa4oo responds:

thank you very much man ^^